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    Going organic in your backyard is possible. Eat better or create an extra stream of income; the choice is yours.

  • The Green Farmer Services

    How I can be of Service.

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    Land Leasing


    Release Equity

    With an influx of foreign investment in Africa, land is being purchased to boost foreign needs, thereby locking out local benefits in the long run. If you partner with Green Farmer, you can keep your land and release equity by leasing it to young farmers.

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    One-on-One Guidance

    Either on a farm or at home, I can consult on ways to make your operations organic with natural techniques to ensure your farm is pesticide- and toxin-free. Are you thinking of growing some of your own food?

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    Green House


    See Through Farming

    Setting up a greenhouse and maintaining it requires experiential knowledge. I can educate your team and help you in the process of setting up and maintaining your greenhouse operations.

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    Green Farming


    Speaker and Teacher

    Group events are available for communities looking at improving how they farm to meet international standards. There is a high demand for organic produce. Contact me to organise one.

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    Become a Certified

    Green Farmer

    Honour Your Produce

    Go further with a GF stamp. This will let customers know your commitment to organic farming techniques and that what they purchase was grown organically, in a greenhouse, or by an urban farmer.

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