• Get Your Stamp!

    There are 3 pathways to get a green farmer stamp. Improve buyer confidence by getting this stamp on your products, on your website and marketing materials. See options below and get in touch to get your Green Stamp!

    Farm Stamp

    Are you growing your produce organically without harmful toxins and chemicals?


    I will visit your farm and observe your operations for a time period making checklists along the way. I could also make small suggestions to help improve your green measures on site.


    Based on my observations and your score, you could be granted the certification. It will be up for renewal annually with spot inspections periodically.

    Product Stamp

    Do you use natural organic materials from Nigeria farmers in your food production, manufacturing or packaging business?


    Let buyers know so they can make the choice to buy your products instead as it is proudly grown green and organically at home on Nigerian Soil. This will help boost revenue so you can keep your farm green.


    The best way to improve our economy is from the soil up starting with what we consume. We will have healthier lives encouraging our farmers to farm green!