• About Green Farmer

    Strive for healthy, organic farming.

    I am on a mission to help Nigerian farmers get back to farming green and organic for the benefit of our countries overall health. We have the resources, let's do it right together!

    Bababode Akindele

    Healthy eating, organic food, urban farming. That's what we are about. Going green is not merely for fuel and energy choices. it's in our food as well. My mission began while working on a farm. It was my salvation. In cultivating food, I learnt so much about how our food was grown and what we can do to eat better. The farm I worked at was keen to keep all organic but competing with others who resort to pesticides and other methods was not easy.


    We decided to set up greenhouses and change the chemical composition of our soil naturally and the fruits were amazing. Not only did we match up to other competitors in the outcome but the taste of the produce was next to none. It took me back to when my grandmother had a farm. Everything we ate was from there. We would go every Sunday after worship to harvest what we needed for the week.


    Farming led me to my purpose and I have become passionate about educating others on growing their own food especially in urban areas. Technology has bridged the gap from farm to table. Commanding organic food has never been easier. Simply check where your food comes from and ensure it is pesticide free. So much in store and I can't wait to share it with you all.


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